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I would like to annouce me, Roman Skvirsky, the developer of this project, looking for a remote work (software development) or project related to VoIP development.
I have experience in C/C++/H.323(Win32/FreeBSD/Linux), IP telephony, multimedia development.

In June of 2005 I finished large H.323/SIP project for Swiss company. The project was based on OpenH.323 stack and involved components like gatekeeper, softphones, voice mail servers, conference servers, H.323<->PSTN/ISDN gateways and many other. I was project manager and head of St. Petersburg (Russia) office where major development work was done. Now I am available for new projects. I have team of 3 experienced developers that can be involved into another project.

The list of recently finished projects is available here:

I am open for proposals. Feel free contact me at or

Latest development news

29.12.2005 Updated project list

Check projects at
14.09.2005 PSGw 2.0 version released! New version of PSGw - PSGw 2.0 was released. Check new features at
Pay less take more - select your protocol (SIP or H.323) and pay less! Buy PSGw 2.0 for USD 29.95! Details...
Registered users will receive PSGw 2.0 for free.
31.08.2005 continuously works on bringing Skype closer to users. Skype Software PBX is coming up!

Main features:
- several Skype lines on one computer (4, 8 ,20...);
- several simultaneous Skype conferences;
- SIP and H.323 gateways;
- conferencing with more 4, 8, 16 persons!

Interested? Ask
Would like to try? Ask
Need more information? Ask
Beta-testers welcome! (of course -
22.08.2005 PSGw 1.1 version released! New version of PSGw - PSGw 1.1 was released. Check new features at
During August 2005 you can buy PSGw 1.1 with $30 discount!
Registered users will receive PSGw 1.1 for free.
17.08.2005 PSGw 1.0 version released. PSGw 1.0 was moved at official site
4.08.2005 Check PSGw WebPage at At I put some documents and PSGw download link. 4.08.2005 As was promised PSGw Beta version (Personal Skype to H.323/SIP) Gateway is available for downloading. Though this Beta has some limitations it can be used. Contact me to get Beta version. 25.07.2005 Skype restricts to to use word "Skype" in official names According to EULA it is not allowed to use word "Skype" for commercial applications. So the full name of Skype gateway/router will be PSGw - Personal S* Gateway - PSGw.

21.07.2005 Announcement: Skype to H.323/SIP protocol gateway (router)

After long period of inactivity I would to announce the brand-new application:
Skypy to H.323/SIP gateway. This gateway allows to place/accept calls from/to Skype users to H.323/SIP endpoint. Beta version will be available on 1 of August 2005.
This is the only application at the market that allows to integrate H.323/SIP VoIP networks with Skype.

11.05.2002 News page created

Because of the troubles with news update on SF.NET I issued my own news page to keep people informed about current status of openh323proxy and the development process.

11.05.2002 RADIUS support will be done during 1-2 monthes.
It will include session start/end time, logical channel open/close. So it will be possible to make billig per audio/video channel.

11.05.2002 Win32 compilig port will be done in 2-3 days.
Probably earlier - before Monday :) This port may require some modifications in PWLIB, so be careful.

13.05.2002 Win32 StartUp pack is published.
Win32 working version of openh323proxy is avaliable for download. Openh323proxy works under Windows 98/2000/XP. The distribution pack contains executable and required libraries including SSL support. Unfortunatelly the sources are not ready. Probably tomorrow...
Great thanks to Alexander Lakhin for his powerful contribution!

14.05.2002 Win32 Binaries and sources are released. *nix sources are released too.
Distribution files are reorganized plus Win32 binaries (all nessesary for work) plus Win32 sources (mayby useful for somebody). For Win32 use ONLY pwlib-1.2.17-modified. Current work is in progress. Use SF.Net features to submit bugs and propositions. Have luck!

21.05.2002 Win32 and *nix version T.120 works perfect.
After long tests it seems that T.120 works OK for both versions. In example, NetMeeting shareboard and chat works OK.

21.05.2002 New recomendations in FAQ area.
It seems that it is better to use gcc 2.92 when compiling openh323proxy. Also when selecting interface to bind try NOT to use aliases.

21.05.2002 VS.NET migration.
Folks managed to compile pwlib and openh323 libraries on VS.NET!!! Whos is the next? Openh323proxy?

21.05.2002 Final routing bug fixed.
After the deep thoughts and long-lasting consultations the bug which sometimes stops the traffic is fixed.

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