This project has been discontinued.

What is OpenH323Proxy?

OpenH323Proxy is an Open Source H.323 Gatekeeper with the proxy feature. It is based on the already existing project OpenGatekeeper. It enables the routing through the gatekeeper of the RTP traffic (audio and video) and the T.120 traffic (data) so no traffic is directly exchanged between endpoints.
It is based on the work done by the OpenH323 project.

It was tested on the Linux platform but theoretically it can be ported on all platforms supported by the OpenH323 libraries.

Project info

This software is a part of a conferencing project of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics. It was developed to resolve H.323 proplems with firewalls and to provide a low cost solution to this problem.


Source code of the OpenH323Proxy release 0.9a3_m09 is available for download.

This build works with the release 1.1pl1 of the OpenH323 library and the release 1.1pl19 of the PWLib library. Also you can use last version of PWLIB and openh323lib. Working versions of pwlib and openh323 are located in the downloads's sections.

How to contribute

More information

More information can be found on the OpenH323Proxy SourceForge project pages.
More information on the gatekeeper functionality can be found on the OpenGatekeeper home page.